Congratulations, you found the courage to ask someone special, and he/she said yes. Now comes the challenging part: planning your first date.

But if you still struggling to find your soulmate, you can check our advice to help.

I know it can be scary. You want to organize your date to make sure you have a great time and prove how interested you are. But you also don’t want to appear to be putting in too much effort or investing a lot in something that might not be working.

To help you, I put together a foolproof list of first date ideas organized from the easiest to the most difficult. Check out our 17 best first date ideas and more than 10 useful first date tips.

Let’s get started.

1Local Bar.

Local Bar

The first date idea has to be the easiest: asking her out for drinks at a local bar. Most guys have and are probably familiar with this one. It is the most common setting for a first date. While a dimly lit quiet bar is one of the perfect settings for a casual date, you’ll not win any points for originality; this is one of the lowest safe data ideas in the list.

2Grabbing a Coffee.

Grabbing a Coffee

A Second cute first date idea: if you’re very nervous about asking a girl out for a date, then suggest grabbing a coffee or something.  And it’s a great way to test the waters and see if she’s interested in you romantically. Meeting for coffee in the morning or afternoon with a woman is a very low-risk and potentially high-reward.

3Carnival Parks.

Carnival Parks

The Third idea on our comprehensive list of the top 17 first date ideas is to take her to the local carnival or theme parks. They could be full of light, sounds, snacks, drinks, and all manner of crazy activities. A good tip is to focus on the fixed carnival games, or you can try your best to win for a giant furry animal just like in the movies.

4Stroll in the park.

Stroll in the park

The fourth spot on our roundup of amazing and simple first date ideas is a super romantic and affordable:  stroll in the park. At some point, it costs you nothing except stepping up your conversation games, and let’s faces it.



The fifth one:   taking her to museums. To pull off a successful museum date, you’ll have to know which exhibitions are on at the moment. So make sure you do your research ahead of time.

6Home Cooks.

home Cooks

Number six of this roundup best first date ideas will appeal to foodies and home cooks. If you suggest attending a cooking class with your date, you’ll probably surprise her with your originality. Unlike previous options, this one comes with a set start and end time. So there’s no sneaking off early if things do not seem to be working out. But a cooking class could be a fantastic way of breaking the ice and diffusing any nerves you might both feel by engaging your date.

7A Dancing Date.

Dacing Date

Number seven is to take that beautiful lady out dancing. No woman will be attracted to a man who refuses to dance and instead stand free food by the wall. The trick is to make sure you’re having fun and not care what everyone else thinks. No need to invest hundreds of dollars in the private dance classes. Be yourself and make sure you put the focus on her.



Number eight is:  go on a hike. It’s a great way to catch up with someone, and it’s rewarding when you get to the top of that mountain, and you see some great views.

9Go to the Beach.

go to the beach

Number Nine is: go to the beach. The beach is impressive. If you don’t live by the ocean, you can still go to a lake. You can build a sandcastle, play beach volleyball, bringing a bottle of wine up to the beach, and sit there and relax in the Sun.

10In-home Movie Theater Date.

In Home Movie

Number Ten date idea is an in-home movie theatre date. So basically, what that means is you pick a movie. I recommend a scary movie.  And I want you to add some beautiful, comfortable blankets on the couch. Bonus points, if you make like movie ticket stubs, I think that is so cute, cheesy and weird.

11Build a pillow or a blanket.


Oh yes, we’re getting old school.  I mean there isn’t much to say about it except that this is a brilliantly simple idea and it’s always fun.  Extra points if you have like fairy lights, wouldn’t recommend candles that could go horrifically wrong.



I mean, who doesn’t love some baking?   You can do cookies; you can do flapjacks, you can do brownies, you can do pies, sweet or savory, you can do crumble.  I mean, possibilities are endless, and then you get to eat it afterward.

13Picnic at Home.


Go to the shop, buy whatever little bits of food and nibbles and snacks that you would have at a picnic. And layout a rug on your kitchen floor or your living room floor or camping in your backyard, and I will allow candles for this occasion.



Do some crafting or coloring in a book.  Crafting is so peaceful and cathartic.  But only if you pick an easy task. Something that is simple and that you repeat. 

15Homemade Pizza.


It is a classic. You can do that, where you get all flirty and start throwing flour at each other. It’s still great; you get to make the dough or buy pre-made dough, roll out the dough, put on your bases and your cheeses.  Customize and personalize all the different toppings that you want and then eating it. 

16Tasting Party.


Having your tasting party, tasting menu, so you can pick whatever category you like so you could pick chocolate,  you could choose a wine, you could pick cheese,  you could pick whiskey.  You could do whatever you like, and you order in a bunch of samples, samples or whole bottles,  depends on how much you want to pay to get started,  read up about each thing, learn a little bit about its history, where it comes from, and all of that and then drink slash taste it.

17A Cocktail Date.


The latest from our list of first date ideas is a “cocktail date”. In this kind of “rendezvous”, you could do something delicious, or you could do something that tastes awful.  If you don’t drink, you can make mocktails. You can still make some fun concoctions that don’t have any alcohol in them.

The Most Valuable First Date Tips.

So you’ve asked a superb girl out, and you want your first date with her to be memorable. It can be scary, that’s why using some tips will be helpful.

I gather for you the most valuable first date tips from and

1Be Normal.

It may sound unclear, but it simply means: Show her a regular experience. And none that is strange or unusual. Don’t bring a magic set and overwhelm her with lot of tricks and illusions. Instead of that, be kind, respectful, and grounded. 

2Be on time.

This tip should not surprise you, as it is usually gracious to arrive on time. But why is it crucial for the first date? Because being late shows her two things, you are lazy and unreliable to plan your day on time. And you don’t appreciate your time enough to make your appointment a priority. Besides, it’s just annoying to wait for someone, and it’s the last impression you want to make on your first date.

3Dress Well and Be Proud of Your Look.

You don’t have to spend the whole day preparing for your appointment. But that doesn’t mean you only have to spend a few seconds getting ready. She does everything to show you that you are worth it. Why wouldn’t you do the same for her? Take a shower, adjust beard and hair, and put on a nice, clean shirt. Show her that you care and dress well. 

4Well Design Your Date.

This fourth tip could be an essential step for your first date to be successful. Fortunately, with the correct formula, planning a remarkable date is easy. The right method is a meal + an activity. Take her to a lovely place but not luxurious, after an activity, such as ice skating, mini-golf or a games room. This approach gives you an easy way to get to know her better and help you bypass the pressure of an official dinner. 

5Surprise! Surprise!

Have a plan for your first date, but don’t tell her any details. Women love saying WOW, surprises, especially on the first date. It shows that you’re irresistible, pleasant, and you will always share with her a good time. Now, it’s helpful to let her find out some information about your date like it’s preferable to bring warm clothes or avoid high heels, but don’t tell her everything. She’ll love the excitement and surprise of the unknown. 

6Compliment Her.

Every woman loves thoughtful and appropriate compliments. But what do we mean by ‘thoughtful’ and ‘appropriate’ compliments? Generous compliments are specific to her, not general or vague. And appropriate compliments are neither too serious nor too sexual.

7Don’t Just Talk About Yourself.

You won’t make her like you by overloading her with information about yourself. Not only will that push her away, but it’s also a huge turn off to women. So instead, ask her thoughtful questions about her family, past, interests, and goals. Go into the date to know her as much as possible. You’ll notice that showing that much interest in her makes her like you more and even makes her want to get to know you better. 

We have a very helpful section in our article called “How to Talk to Girls“. Give it a look.

8Think about Your First Date Questions and Conversation Starters 

Both men and women fear too much silence on the first date. So plan out a few conversation starters that you can ask her like: 

  • ‘If you had an entire day off work to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?’
  • ‘Where in the world do you want to travel most?’.
  • ‘How Would You Spend A Billion Dollars?’ 

Even if you don’t use these, it’s nice to know that you have them if needed. 

9Know If You Should Kiss Her.

Most girls expect a kiss on the first date, but if you think about it. You’re much more memorable if you don’t kiss her then. You’ll be different from overeager guys who’ve kissed her right away in the past. And she’ll even be more excited to kiss on the second date. So consider waiting to kiss for the first time and make her want it by the time it comes on your second date.

10Land a Second Date.

You might have heard the ‘rule’ to wait three days before calling a girl after a date. But that rule is ridiculous. Simply because: She doesn’t want to wait around for three whole days to hear that you like her enough to go out again. So call her the next day, and schedule your second date. 

11Keep in Touch.

After a great first date, it’s essential to keep in touch with her. So call or text every few days, to let her know you’re still interested. Why should you do that? If you don’t, contrary to what a lot of guys think, it will not make her like you more; it will only make her confused or angry. So keep a good impression from your first date, and stay in contact with your girl. 

Use these tips to nail your first date, and even land a second!