Before I become an Anesthesiologist. I love being in the operating room when I was a medical student. I enjoyed a variety of the other sub-specialties. Especially by the anesthetist, mixing these medications. And no one has any idea what they were doing or how they were doing it. They seemed to have control over the patients.

Patients were having pain they could take care of that instantly. If they were awake they could immediately get them to sleep. Or if they were asleep they could instantly bring them back and wake them up. It seemed like an exciting, interesting and gratifying specialty. I enjoy being able to take care of patients and going home feeling that I’ve done a great job.

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How to become an Anaesthetist? – Studies –


In this phase, you don’t need to think about how to become an anesthesiologist. you must complete a set of prerequisites in order to apply to medical school. These include one year of Biology, Physics, English, general and organic chemistry. However, the difficulty and amount of material you need to learn are highly dependent on your major. You could major in anything you want such as English, Biochemistry or political science as long as you complete the medical school prerequisites.

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Medical School (M.D):

You mostly learn about one thing Medicine. Everyone is learning the same thing. The material at M.D isn’t actually that difficult. The challenging part of it is the amount of information and the pace at which you need to learn it. In M.D everyone studies anatomy, histology, pathology.

During the 2nd two years of it, you begin your clerkships. Where your daily schedule is highly variable and dependent on the service that you’re on congratulations. You’re now mostly working in the hospital as part of the medical team. For example surgery medicine, psychiatry, anesthesia, neurology or pediatrics. These rotations are the general core rotations that you complete in your third year.

During your 4th year, you will be completing sub-internships in your future specialty of choice. For instance, become an Anesthesiologist.


Anesthesia residency is four years. It’s technically three years of clinical anesthesia and you have to do an intern year as well. It can be in medicine, it can be in emergency medicine, it can be a transitional year.

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What type of person is a good fit to become an anesthesiologist?

I think you have to be able to be assertive, dynamic and think quickly on your feet. Because there are times in anesthesia when everything is going well to everything is not going well. You have to be able as an anesthesiologist to think on your feet and come up with what you’re going to do. You don’t have time like internal medicine. Punctual, a typical day as an anesthesia resident started really early. Basically about 5:30 in the morning. I have to set up all the anesthesia equipment, drop all the drugs get all of my lines available that I need. I see the patients and I review their chart.

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Anesthesiologist main tasks?

The anesthesiologist not only keeps you alive. And make sure that you’re asleep during surgery, comfortable and pain-free. They’re watching every vital function of your body, your heart rates your blood pressure, your oxygen level and they’re adjusting their anesthetic to maintain stability. They are experts at the anatomy of the arm and the leg. If you’re having a knee, ankle, shoulder or hand surgery. Only that arm or leg needs to be numbed up. A few drops of local anesthetic on particular nerves numb up the area and you can undergo surgery recovery faster.

become an Anesthesiologist

Advice for students who’s ready to start Medical School:

I think the biggest question for people starting a medical career is to make sure this is what they want to do. It’s a challenge. Medical school is tough, Residency is tough, Becoming an Anesthesiologist is tough. And if you don’t really want to do this there’s a lot of other jobs out there that you might enjoy.