I’m just going talk about how to switch your north carolina board of nursing licence from one state to another. I’m from South Carolina, that’s where I went to nursing school. But, now I live and work in North Carolina.

Switching North Narolina Nursing License

Last year, before I graduated from nursing school. I applied for my first nursing license in South Carolina since that was where I lived at the time. When I graduate, I took the NCLEX. I was offered a job here in North Carolina. But, I just applied for a nursing license in South Carolina. Well luckily for me both North Carolina and South Carolina are compact states. It meant that even I had my nursing license initially in South Carolina. I could also use that same nursing license here in North Carolina.

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I thought, I was good to go, when I moved here I was like: oh great I don’t have to do anything because they’re both compact states well I was wrong.

About two months after working. My hospital -where I work- sent me an email telling me that I needed to get my North Carolina Board of Nursing License. You know I’m just like what are they talking about. I did some research and I came across an article that basically explained complex states a little better and apparently: if you move to another state whether it’s a compact state or not. You do have to get a new nursing license within 30 days.

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Getting My New Nursing Licence:

The process was fairly simple. All I had to do is go to the North Carolina border nursing website and create an account. Apply for my new license fill out some forms pay some fees $150. Then I had to get a background check and fingerprints for $30. Then I had to pay $30 to prove that I was currently a nurse, so a little over $200.

After they received my application – and I had to send a copy of my application to the North Carolina Board of Nursing via email-. It’s supposed to take about two to three weeks before you get a temporary North Carolina nursing license. Once you do your background check and fingerprints it should take -I think- 6 to 8 weeks for you to get your efficient North Carolina a nursing license.

After a while, I got an email stating that I could practice in North Carolina as a nurse. I checked my status online again: it was complete. I had my new North Carolina nursing license.

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To recap, like I said all you really need is to apply online and create an account, pay the fees, fill out some forms and do your fingerprints and background check and you are good to go it was super easy.