People have regularly looked for ways to improve their lives by finding a partner or just a friend. But, nowadays, finding the time and energy to meet a partner in a conventional manner can be difficult.

This is why online dating has overgrown with singles around the world. More and more people are using dating sites instead of traditional places like social clubs and circles of friends. So, What are some tips for online dating?

According to research published by AARON SMITH, 4 of 10 Americans use online dating. And Statistic Brain admits that:

online dating Statistics
54 million single people in the U.S., 49 million of them have tried online dating.

On ‘CBS This Morning’ they talk about how the internet and social media give a fast communication system. People with a mutual interest can almost instantly start messaging others, looking for the same thing. The internet is an extremely time-saving, cost-effective, and anonymous medium. You don’t have to be a wealthy, high profile movie star or a well-known sportsperson to be on the internet and meeting people. Everyone has a fair chance to succeed in cyberspace.

Tips for Online Dating

Successful online dating is more likely when you’ve improved your practical conversation skills. There is no particular solution for an active online chat with another person. In the article that follows, I’ve listed some essential tips for online dating to start with. And of course, the more tips you follow, the more successful you will be in online dating.

1Online Dating Profile Tips.

Online Profile

Profile Title:

A response on suggest thinking wisely about your profile’s title. The title is the part of your profile that people first see when searching for a dating website. It’s like a personal ‘headline’ about you. Think about ways to make your online dating profile more appealing?


Let’s start with your profile on an internet dating website. What you wrote in the self-description of your profile is very important. It’s important to be upfront about the reasons why you want to date someone and to include as many details as possible.

  • If you’re planning on being online looking for a date, you have to know your profile and your goals. Are you looking for an exclusive and casual hookup? Are you looking for a long-term relationship? The answers will help you better understand your options.
  • A poorly-written self-description gives the impression that you’re not serious about dating. And remember, your profile doesn’t have to be 100% honest. There is a difference between being honest and being vigilant about the information you give.

Vanessa Van Edwards, the founder of ScienceOfPeople gives you some ideas on how to write your profile description:

  • Use your profile to tell the person things that you would like to have in common. Be realistic about your best personal qualities, but not about personal details such as telephone number, address, workplace, and so on. Share that private information with your online friend later, when you trust them more.
  • Your description should be a pleasant mixture of funny and unique. Humour nearly always attracts someone’s attention, and the more you can describe your character, the better. And the profile should not be very long or very short.
  • For example, don’t write ‘I love fancy cars’, it’s pretty to say ‘I’m interested in Jeep and Lamborghini.’  Being more precise about interests and hobbies will invite further conversation from people checking your profile. It’s a great idea to create your profile in a word processor first, and spell-check using Grammarly, it’s free. People expect to read well-written descriptions with excellent English and correct spelling.

2Who to reach first?

contact first
  • Think to contact someone whose profile has no picture or/and description. You have far less competition when talking with people who have blank profiles. People with complete profiles get lots of messages, so consider contacting people without pictures or a full profile.
  • You will need a different strategy and approach for profiles with a picture and a description. You will need to be patient and persistent because you are competing with many other messages for this person’s attention.
  • Reach one person at a time to stay more prepared and more focused. If you’re more prepared, you’re more likely to receive a reply, which could lead to an ongoing conversation online.

3Use their information.

look for info

The most common question that is asked on dating sites is “How old is it?” While it seems like a very simple question, it’s actually pretty tricky to answer. It’s important to consider that age can be an interesting variable when it comes to dating online.

  • You must be intelligent and use the information from the other person’s profile as your starting point for a message to them. Find out from their profile what they like and their interest. It could be their new mobile phone or music album, or even a favourite holiday location or restaurant that you are also familiar with.
  • It’s also a good idea to ask smart questions that avoid a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ reply. Try to make the other person express their opinion on a subject. Rather than asking something like: “Do you prefer XYZ band?” try this: “What do you think about XYZ’s last song?”.
  • Use jokes appropriately. Avoid saying something odd or wrong about well-know people unless you are 100% sure the other person has the same point of view. Be original by adding some funny sentences to your messages. Which will keep your online friend attracted to you, and they will want to continue the conversation.

4Don’t wait for other people to contact you.

dont wait
  • Make an effort to start a chat with someone whose profile caught your eye. Stay focus on achieving your goal and start a realistic plan by breaking it into measurable steps first. Approach online dating with a positive attitude. Something like: ‘I will only leave this particular dating site when I’ve met someone I like.’
  • Write individualized messages to people you contact. Don’t send impersonal, generic, or ready-made messages. People spot this right away, usually by the way text misaligns in your message. Or by content that might not be related to their profile.

5Tips for online dating messages.

dating messages
  • Using text abbreviations and assumptions make online relationship building even more impersonal then it already is. Use descriptive but straightforward whole worlds to describe what you are discussing. The right word will say quite a bit about who you are.
  • Write a few sentences in your messages. Don’t just say ‘hi, how are you? Or ‘hi, you look beautiful!’ People receive lots of short words, and they won’t be surprised if you send yet another one.
  • Avoid writing long messages. It can annoy people as much as a short one. Writing a long message containing everything you want to say is a huge mistake.  Bear in mind what the other person wants to hear. A self-indulgent message will often not receive a response.
  • Show the persons you talking with that you care about them. It will place you in a more promising position than other candidates. Please do this by being empathetic and interested in their life.
  • Be ready to follow-up on every message you send. If the person you’re contacting hasn’t replied in a few days, send her a reminder and keep it friendly. Avoid being demanding. Tell the person you’re waiting for a response, and you’d like to hear from them. If you don’t receive a reply to your second message, stop sending further messages.

6The Magic of Using Photos.

Using Photos
  • On Reader’s digest, Ashley Lewis advises that you need to have your best photos displayed in your profile, and don’t forget to update them regularly. You can use your profile to tell the person things that you would like to have in common.
  • Please make sure there are a few of them. At least one must be a recent portrait. One full-length photo is also a good idea. It’s a bonus if you’re smiling in the pictures. Possessing photos online will considerably boost traffic and, therefore, your chances of meeting someone.
  • As a beautiful memento of your emerging romance, create an online album for your new cyber partner. Adding photos of your preferred outdoor scenes will be appreciated. Then you’ll even have more to discuss through online dates via chat rooms and emails.

7Slow, steady and be positive.

think positive
  • The other dating tip for a quality online relationship is to take the time. You don’t need to develop a 100% online relationship in seven or ten days. Let the personal information come out slowly. A little mystery will go a long way in improving the relationship.
  • You might think of your daily online conversations or long-term relationships as a multi-course dinner. Always let the person salivate for the next lesson. The best way to implement this is to ask a question or two that require a little thought or research. So, they will have something to bring to the table for your next conversation. Indicate that you are going to check something and tell them what did you find the next time you write.
  • Stay optimistic when writing with your mates online. Of course, everyone has their days off, and it’s great to share it with them. It shows that you are becoming comfortable with that person.

The last and one of the essential tips for online dating is never to give up. Remember that there are no shortcuts, and persistence brings success. A lot of people have met their wedding companion from dating websites, so keep in mind that online dating does work.

Following the above tips will increase your chances to succeed in online dating. Once you gain experience and polish, you will see results.