Today, we’re going to talk about my top three entry-level healthcare administration jobs: first pay well. Second, you get to use your critical thinking skills and expand on the skills that you already have. Third, at the end of the day gives you a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

You might save somebody’s life with the skills that you learn. Who knows maybe my life? So stay tuned, today I got the top three entry-level medical jobs that I have:

Emergency Medical Technician :

hospital administration jobs entry level

My first pick is EMT: these guys are the first responders to accidents. You know 20 years ago when I first got into this health care industry. I was in a firefighting academy and we had to get a certification known as an Emergency Medical Technician that’s an ambulance driver certification. It’s a pretty common entry-level medical position. It expands on first-aid. It’s like having your CPR card but you could do a lot more.

Most firefighters, police officers and the EMT ones that role with the paramedics all have it. You don’t want to work on the ambulance, you don’t want to go to traffic accidents and collisions, that’s okay I understand that. But EMTs can also be used in the emergency room. They’re known as what you call ER technicians. You’re just going to help out with the nurses’ and doctors’ needs when they do things that they need an extra hands-on board.


phlebotomy salary

My second health administration job is going to have to be Phlebotomy: These are the guys that draw your blood. Now, it’s more regulated. You have to do more training but don’t let this discourage you. The program is a semester-long and the job security is really good pays a pretty decent amount of money. You can always use those skills if you plan on going to nursing school or PA school or becoming a doctor.

The thing I like about this job that it gets you over the fear of dealing with people because a lot of people don’t like to get poked. This is going to especially help you if you go to nursing school where you are a timid and shy person and you can’t approach somebody.

Medical Scribe :

medical scribe jobs

My last choice for the three top entry-level healthcare administration jobs that you can get into it’s to be a Medical Scribe: this is a person individual that follows a doctor around when he does his rounds, either in the emergency room or whatever another department.

That they use medical scribes in they go ahead and see the patient and you dictate all the information that the doctor tells you of the visit of that patient. That way it frees his time up to go ahead and go on to the next patient. He may also have you doing labs or putting in x-ray orders. This is a very challenging job but it’s very very useful especially if you want to go further into your medical career as a registered nurse or a practitioner or even a physician’s assistant. You will get to see every day what the doctors do, how they think, what they’re going to order. You get a front seat into everything that you’re going to need to learn to be successful at your position.